SIMV w/PSV, A/C (VCV,PCV), BiLVLl w/PSV, CPAP w/PSV, Mask CPR (MCPR) Intubated CPR (ICPR) Adult/Child/Infant Quick Start Mode, Intuitive Patient Apnea Backup IPAB

modesAlarms Visual and Audible

Live monitoring Ventilation: . Gas Supply Pressure, Pmax, Pmin, Low Battery, BCI, Apnea, Leak, Vm min., Vm max.

Patient size sange 6 KG TO LARE ADUL

Display type 4.3" Color TFT Screen

Battery Operating time 18 hours for default settings

 Weight (Kg) with/without Battery 2.4 / 1.77

Dimensions (mm) 250 x 200 x 155