Hemodynamic Monitoring

The ClearSight system extends the benefits of continuous hemodynamic monitoring to a broader patient population, including your moderate to high-risk surgery patients.  By leveraging proven Nexfin system technology,  the ClearSight system provides clinicians clarity without the barriers of complexity or invasiveness. 


Noninvasive simplicity. Next-generation clarity.

The noninvasive ClearSight system provides valuable hemodynamic insight to an expanded patient population, for making more informed decisions about volume administration in moderate to high-risk surgery.

Delivering clarity in every moment.

The ClearSight system quickly connects to the patient by wrapping an inflatable cuff around the finger.6 The simplicity of the ClearSight system gives you noninvasive access to automatic, up-to-the-minute hemodynamic information for a broader patient population, including elderly or obese patients in whom an arterial catheter would not typically be placed.  Thus, enabling you to make more informed decisions regarding volume administration.

A simple, noninvasive approach to monitoring key hemodynamic parameters.

Dynamic and flow-based parameters such as SV and SVV, provided by the ClearSight system may be used in perioperative goal-directed therapy (PGDT) protocols and are key to optimal volume administration for patients at risk of developing complications.